Pleasant smell of vanilla is well known to every person since childhood. It is hard to remember any sweet present which would not have that light and sweet vanilla scent.

Vanillin appeared as a chemical substitute of the natural flavouring – vanilla. Synthetically obtained vanillin is a nature-identical product that fully corresponds to natural vanillin extracted from vanilla pods, but is hundreds of times cheaper.

Among the application spheres of vanillin, one can point out the main ones : confectionery, milk industry, beverages, animal feed, perfumes and cosmetic s. The content of vanillin in the product depends on what stage and for what type of product it is used as well as on the temperature of processing. Those parameters define the optimum dosage of the vanillin.

It is vital not to overdose vanillin since that would lead to the bitter taste in the final product. Bakery confectionary products have the highest requirements to the quality of vanillin due to the high temperature of their processing. For baking applications thermostable vanillin is required and should be added at the dry stage of mixing or added to high fat mixtures as fats are able to link odours.

For application in chocolate products powder and crystall vanillin is used. Whereas its liquid and powder form is used for flavouring of dairy products, ice-cream, yoghurts, desserts , etc.

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