Modified starch is a specially processed potato or corn starch, which is used in the food industry. This substance is obtained as a result of physical or chemical processing without involving genetic engineering technology. Such type of starch causes no harm to the body, and the assertion that the modified starch is a genetically modified product, is a myth.

Depending on the method of its usage in factory environment there are various modifications of vegetable starch. For example, odour free starch is added to children’s cosmetics and food raising agents, starch with modified colouring is mainly used for technical needs, whereas starch with high ability to retain moisture is used as thickeners.

The usage of modified starch in food industry is regulated by the List of food additives permitted to be used in food industry, approved by the Directive no 12 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 04.01.1999 signed with supplements.

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