Lipids is a group of organic compounds – fats and lipoids, chemically heterogeneous that share common physical and chemical properties. Lipids are insoluble in water but well soluble in organic solvents (ester, chloroform, acetone, hexane, benzene, etc.). There are three main classifications of lipids: chemical (structural), biological and physicochemical.

Lipids are diveded into fatty acids, fats (lipids) and lipoids. There are more than 200 fatty acids identified in the plant world. According to the number of carbon atoms they are divided into the higher (containing from 16 to 24 carbons) and the lower (less than 16 carbons) fatty acids.

Fats (lipids) are macromolecular organic compounds that consist entirely of triglycerides of fatty acids of general formula so they are compound esters of glycerol and higher monobasic fatty acids with the number of carbon atoms in the chain from 6 to 24 ((R′, R′′, R′′′). Both saturated and unsaturated acids take part in In fat formation. Actually there are fats in the form of mono-, di-and triacylglycerides Di-and triacylglycerides can be formed by different acids (mixed triacyglycerides) or by one acid (simple triacyglycerides).

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