Glazing agents (polishing agents) is a relatively new and quite a large group of food additives. They are widely used in the food industry to preserve moisture and to create a surface protective layer of the product. Waxes, wax esters and sterols are natural glazing agents.

CAPOL ® is a registered trade mark of CAPOL GmbH- for glazing, polishing and anti-sticking agents that ensure a bright gloss and high level of antistickness.. All products are stable, have a neutral taste, economical and simple to use. They fully comply with EU directives concerning food additives, national standards on food products and the legislation of most countries. All CAPOL ® products are supplied with Health Certificates and others (on request).

In addition to standart CAPOL ® products th company also develops specific products according to our consumers’ needs:

CAPOLEX ®-registered trademarkfor antisticking agents used for coating surfaces and forms.

CAPOLEX ®-products are characterized by high separating capacity, stability, easy to apply, economical and tasteless. They provide a smooth production process, as well as prevent corrosion of the equipment.

CAPOLAN ®-a range of organic and inorganic products, covered with fat, which is used for coating of chewy and jelly products, extruded strips, etc.

FIX TM GUM ®-SYSTEMS-products that provide a preliminary coverage of different types of centres, such as nuts, raisins, dried fruits, liquorice strips, jelly products. These products can be used for coating the centers covered with chocolate, chewy balls as well as candy dots before covering them with sugar.