Gelatine is a natural protein without E number, which consists of all amino acids. The gelatin is made by maceration of skins and bones of cattle and are is divided into two types:

Type A (acid treated raw material)

Type B (alkali treated raw material)

Gelatin is classified according to Bloom’s grades from 50 to 300. Bloom’s grade is an indicator of gelatine quality. The higher Bloom’s grade is, the higher is the content of high-molecular proteins. Products made from such gelatine have harder structure and are more tender to the taste. The lower Bloom’s grade is, the more elastic are the products made of it.

There are various properties of gelatin:

  • gel forming;
  • foam forming;
  • gum capacity;
  • moisture retaining power;
  • glazing capacity;
  • emulsification capacity ( but not considered as emulsifier)
  • heat and acid sensitiveness.

Gelatine properties enable its wide application in:

  •  pharmaceutical industry ( production of pharmaceutical capsules);
  • cosmetics ( production of day and night creams);
  • confectionery (maršmelou,
    chewy candies, soft caramel, French nougat, etc.)
  • meat processing industry (sausages, sulze);
  • bakery.

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