Egg albumen is made up of about 10% proteins and of about 1% glucose – everything else is water; it is therefore apparent that the food industry is interested just in the solid matter, the proteins especially.

Egg albumen is a foaming agent with the property, if vigorously beaten, to enclose the air bubbles which are made during the beating process and to hold them for a relatively long period; these properties come from the proteins, the globulins especially, which give the whipping power (catching the air bubbles with consequent increase of volume), while ovomucine and lysozyme give stability to the foam (keeping the foam compact even after the beating is stopped), and ovoalbumin and conalbumin which coagulate at low temperatures and fix the structure of the foam after the cooking process, achieved without having to reach temperatures so high to affect taste and color of the finished product.

This is why it is so important that the dried product is intact and not deprived of any of the natural components, even if this brings for the dried egg whites manufacturer a relevant loss of income from potential sales of lysozyme, ovoalbumin and conalbumin to specific sectors of the food industry as well at to the pharmaceutical one.

We offer all types of egg albumin spray-dried, powdered from GF Ovodry S.R.A. (Іtaly)

  • extra high
  • whipping
  • high gel
  • non whipping